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The Lou’s Place Partnership Program

Our Partnership Program helps us to keep our doors open and continue our services.  

We invite you to support us and help women in crisis by becoming Partners of

Lou’s Place.

Our partners make a five-year pledge of support, starting at $1000 per year.


What partnership will mean to you

Your partnership will express your serious commitment to improving the lives of women in crisis or in need of support.

It will demonstrate your support for Lou's Place - and for the notion that we all share responsibility for the health and well-being of our community.


What your partnership will mean to us

It will provide us with sustained and reliable funding so we can:

  • Continue to offer our services to women in crisis;

  • Maintain our staff contracts and ensure wages can be paid;

  • Secure and maintain our premises;

  • Advocate on behalf of our clients and promote awareness of women's issues.