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Since we opened in 1999, we've had more than 60,000 visits.


  • Most of the women who visit Lou's Place have experienced trauma in their life.

  • They've been abused or neglected as children; they've survived domestic violence and sexual assault as adults. Many have little, if any, family support.

  • Most have first-hand experience of mental health issues, many with a diagnosis of severe and persistent mental illness.

  • Over the past 6 years, about 70% of women visiting Lou's Place for the first time were homeless.


A day in our life

We work on a ratio of 5 women to each staff member so we can provide a safe space and a high level of service. This means we can have up to 15 women at Lou's Place at any one time.

Sometimes women just come to Lou's to be in a safe place.

Our professional staff spend time with women who have complex needs or are in crisis, providing them with help and support.

We have days when we only have 15 women, and other days where up to 40 women visit us. Our current average is 24 visits a day.

Every day we welcome at least one new client.

Our volunteer cooks prepare and serve up to 25 meals each day. Our daily lunch is very popular. The women enjoy their lunch in our communal courtyard or upstairs in our relaxing lounge area.