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The Marmalade Foundation Ltd

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Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming place for women, meeting them at their point of need and supporting them in rebuilding their lives.

We do this through a grassroots approach that relies on a small professional staff supported by over 100 volunteers, without whom the doors could not remain open

  • We believe women in need benefit most from a safe, welcoming environment that feels like a good home.

  • We believe creating a safe place is fundamental to establishing trust, and trust is essential to rebuilding lives.

  • We meet the women who visit us at their point of need. Since each woman is in a different place and proceeds at a different rate, we don't offer a single service for everyone.

  • We promote women's autonomy, dignity, growth and self-worth through acceptance and respect.

  • We focus on strengths, personal responsibility and positive change.

Our values

Dignity expresses the intrinsic worth of all people. We treat women who come to us with respect and a non-judgemental attitude.


Empowerment. To be empowered is to have the skills and knowledge that enable us to overcome obstacles in life. We believe in empowering our clients by assisting them in their personal growth and supporting their efforts to achieve self-sufficiency and self-determination.

Accountability. We have strong sense of accountability to the women who come to Lou’s Place. We act as their advocates; ensuring their rights are respected and, where possible, their needs met.  We're accountable for the quality of our service and we work hard to maintain it.

We're also accountable to our donors, staff, volunteers and supporters.


Community Engagement. Dignity, empowerment and trust are fostered best when when services are provided within the context of our community. We network with other local service providers, with people and groups in our neighbourhood and take part in local activities.


Trust and safety. Feeling safe and secure is the starting point for rebuilding a life. Our safe and nurturing environment promotes our clients' personal growth and sense of self-worth.