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Our wonderful volunteers are our lifeblood.

They give their time, skills and energy so we can provide the best possible service to women in need.


Their invaluable contribution helps create a warm, home-like atmosphere at Lou's Place.

They provide us with a crucial network of supporters and resources.

They build a bridge to the wider community.

They enable us to offer a wide range of services and specialist programs.

Their work helps minimise our running costs.


And they make Lou's Place unique.

Specialist volunteers co-ordinate creative expression activities for our clients such as Art, Music, Jewellery, Sewing, Yoga, and more.

Kitchen volunteers prepare and cook a delicious lunch Monday to Friday.

Clothing volunteers help out in our pop-up boutique held twice a month.

Workshops are held to provide skills and education in different areas such as health, resume writing, interview skills, gambling issues, and more.

Behind the Scenes volunteers in addition to basic administrative and cleaning help are also involved with marketing, social media management and web development.

On being a volunteer...

"Lou's Place is a great place to volunteer. The work they do to support these women is nothing short of amazing!

"I'm glad I can be part of assisting with that!"

- Tharani


"It's a real pleasure to share in music making together with the women at Lou's Place. There, in a warm and friendly environment, we laugh, sing, dance and enjoy.

"Their strength and wonderful spirit in the midst of troubled lives has been an inspiration."

- Carol


"To feel uplifted after spending time with women in need is such a gift, such a privilege.

This is how it is at Lou's. To witness the direct benefits of a welcoming place on the lives of women in need is extraordinary.

"I'm constantly humbled and reminded of the fine line that separates us all. I'm reminded

of the basic premise of humanity and for that I am very grateful"

- Bec