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Lou's Place was established by a small group of women in 1999 as a daytime refuge to help and support women in crisis.

They set up The Marmalade Foundation to fund and operate Lou's Place. Since then, the foundation has grown considerably - members bring a diverse range of skills and expertise to help fund and manage Lou's Place.

Lou's Place receives no ongoing government funding. More than 95% of our funds are sourced privately.


Our organisational structure has two main components:

  • The Marmalade Foundation Board oversees strategy and monitors fundraising and spending.

  • The Operations Committee, together with the General Manager and her 3 staff, is responsible for day to day operations.


And why The Marmalade Foundation? Because life is bitter sweet. It also has resonance with home and nurturing - central values to foundation members.


Pam Bartlett, Susie Manfred, Lisa O’Brien, Ilse O’Reilly.



Alexa Haslingden



Kate Armati, Jo Boney, Carol Berg, Carolyn Bowra, Julie Claridge, Marijke Conrade, Rebecca Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Gilbert, Alexa Haslingden, Rachel Hawkeswood, Marian Ibrahim, Jennie Kovacs, Sandy Libling, Alex Macoun Jane Martin, Mirta Mičić-Smith, Georgina Perry, Delia Rothnie-Jones, Julie Stockdale, Kaye Schirrman, Roger Tollboys, Rhonda Wallace


Next Generation is a Marmalade Foundation initiative designed to engage with and secure support from philanthropically minded young people.


Next Generation was launched in November 2014 by Lucy Turnbull AO.

Next Generation Launch, November 2014: 

Deborah Banks (Former CEO Lou's Place), Hamish Lamb, Lucy Turnbull, Elizabeth Gilbert and Correan Gazal.